TOP 10 17 Romantic I Love U Text Messages

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You can use the below Romantic text messages to impress you girlfriend and bring more passion and Love into your Relationship. Please feel free to send these messages at any time you want.But don’t make her crazy by bombarding her with these messages. A sweet little message once in a while would be good to make her think about you.

i love u text messages
I Love You Text Messages

I Love U Text Messages for Her

1) I’m lucky that I met you,
Because in my life there’s only girl that’s you,
With my whole heart I want to say that
I Love You!

2) I chose to be your friend,
But loving you wasn’t my choice.

3) You are more important than my breath,
I can utter I love You even in my last breath too

4) Loving you is like walking on ocean,
Calming and smooth!

5) I Love my life way too much, because
The best gift I’ve got from my life is, YOU!

6) You have changed the meaning of present, past and future for me,
Because now I know them as
I Love you, I Loved you and I will always Love you!

7) I thank all the Gods for sending me you my love,
Because I would be incomplete without you!

8) You have given a different but beautiful meaning to my life,
There was no life before you
And there will be no life after you.

9) Just like the planets revolve around the Sun,
 Same is my life, which revolves around you!

10) I don’t think my heart was ever safe,
But now, as it is in your hands,
I think it is safe than ever!

11) I must have done something really good in my life,
That it has given me, you!

12) I didn’t expect ever that I will have a girl like you,
You are extra-ordinary.

13) My life’s diary is incomplete without you.
Because you’re the main objective of it.

14) You owe me as Sun owes Earth,
Because you have lighten up my life n the same way.

15) You’re the fifth wall of my heart,
Without you it would be difficult to live.

16) You seem to be my soul,
Always somewhere inside me.

17) Distance can never decrease my love for you,
I love you more each day!

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