love poems

Top 10 I love you more than riches

You are the one… I have never doubted itThat despite being two We are certainly oneIf there is any womanWho can make me happyThen it is youIf there is anyoneWho will be my wifeYou are the oneYour love is greaterThan all the gold of this worldand costlier than a diamondNo riches can compare to what you give meI love you more than everything

Top 10 I just love you

This is what I care about… I love youThis is my solemn confessionThis I can say boldlyBecause it is my heartfelt desireI want it all the timeIn the day I think about itAt night I dream of itYour love serves as a strengthMy utmost continual confessionis that I love youThis is what I care aboutIt is the longing of my heartI have never been wary of loving youand It gives me a lot of pleasureagain, I’ll say I love you

Top 10 I deeply want you

Without you I am weak… How do I live without youHow do I survive this world without youYour love is the air I breatheIt is the eyes with which I seeIt is the voice I hearIt is such a strong forceThat makes a bleak future glowDeep in me, it is what I wantI deeply want youCos’ without you, I am so weakPlease don’t ever leave meBecause you are the one 

Top 10 So pleased to be with you

My life revolves around you… I don’t dream ordinarilyBut I’m so pleased to be with youMy life revolves around youAnd you fill my life with peaceYou make me have sweet dreamsWhen I set my eyes on youI feel a wave of energy surge through meI want to adore and care for youI want to hold you protectivelyYour presence creates that instinct in meLike the mother hen and her chicksI am not compelled by anyoneRather its because I care for you

Top 10 You are the key to my heart

I want to be consumed by your love… You alone can make me feel this wayBecause you are the key to my heartYou persevered with meWhen the going was badYou stood by my sideWhen all hope was lostYou started this fireThe fire of love that is burning in meNothing can quench itBecause I am determined to let it burnThe flame of your love, and our loveWill burn till the end of time

Top 10 I will live with you forever

I have always tried to hide my feelings… You rarely hear me say thisbut I know you are awareThis is my assurance to youThat every time I express my love to youIt is the truth and it comes from the depth of my heartThere are times when I am short of wordsWhen I felt like we are meeting again for the first timeI have always tried to hide my feelingsbut to be sincere with youI am not ashamed to declare…

Top 10 Your love is magical

Your presence fills me with warmth… How won’t I feel this wayI was lost without directionNo one could soothe my feelingsThe pains were unexplainableBut then you came inand made me want to live againYour presence fills me with warmthand your eyes assures meThis feeling is better felt than imaginedThis feeling, your love is so magical

Top 10 I will pay whatever it cost for you

I am assuring you of my fidelity… I will be yours foreverBecause you are a gem to cherishWhatever the situationI will be real to youI will heal your painsAnd will deal with any situationThere will be challengesBut I am assuring you of my fidelityAnything it costs I will pay itjust to prove to youThat I will always be your man

Top 10 It is a dream to have you

You have a lovely and caring heart… I have always been thrilled by youIt is so great what you areWhenever I set my eyes on youI am always lost at the wonderIt is not easy to describe your beautyIt goes beyond the physicalIt permeates the totality of your beingYou have a lovely and caring heartOne that is so beautifulThis makes me to wonderHow lucky I am to have youIt is actually like a dreamThat I have you

Top 10 You are my confidence

You make the world real… You make the world realYou make life worthwhileYou make living a pleasureand I no longer live in fearI have the confidence of a better tomorrowCos’ you encourage me to go onYou have become my pillarand my strength at all timesWithout doubt I can boldly sayThat you are the right one for meAnd I will always love you

Top 10 I will be the rock on which you rest

Your joy is mine… When you are happyI will celebrate with youWhen you are in painI will be your comfortWhen you are cryI will be your shoulderI will take away your sadnessAnd give you happiness in returnI will be the rock on which you restAnd your fountain when you thirstI will give you my allBecause I love you so dearly

Top 10 My soul is lost in you

Your beauty is so overwhelming… The truth is, I find it inexpressibleWhenever I look at youI am overwhelmed by the wonders of GodThat He spent a great time creating youbecause you are awesomely beautifulSpending time with youIs such a rewarding experience for meI am filled by passion so great That my soul is lost in youTime ceases to tickAnd everything fades away

Top 10 You alone is all I want

I care less about people say… With you I have nothing to fearI know that we are destined to be oneThis I know and feel stronglyI understand this clearlyThat you are so dear to meThe crave of my heartis to be with you alwaysI care less about what people saybecause I know what you are worth to meYou alone is all I want

Top 10 You will be mine forever

The riches of being in love… When we first metI thought it’s all about friendshipI kept you at the friend zoneUntil my eyes were openedTo the riches that I was missingThe riches of being in loveThat I have longed for so longNot knowing that it has always been with mefrom then on, I knewYou were going to be mine foreverI knew my heart was yours to keep

Top 10 Make you feel my love

Taste the passion I have for you… I have made up my mindTo love you no matter whatTo be the best for youAnd to make you feel like you’ve never feltI want to be the best you ever hadTo make you feel my loveAnd taste of the passion I have for youI love you beyond every reasonAnd for you I will walk a thousand milesJust to show how precious you are to meI want to let you know thisThat I…

Top 10 I will hold on to you – A Small Love Poem

I stared and felt the stir… As you layed down fast asleep,I wanted to lie beside youBut I found this so difficultI was caught by your beautyI stared and felt the stirThe deep rooted passion of loveSurging powerfully through meI felt the prompt to kiss youTo feel the softness of your lipsIn the wildest manner imaginableMy breath harmonizing with yoursBecause we are oneI long to hold you closeAnd make you mine forever.


I get the best feeling in the world when you say “Hi” or smile at me, because I know that even for a second that I’ve crossed your mind. * * * * * What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this room? * * * * * I love so much my heart is sure.As time goes on I love you more,Your happy smile.Your loving face No1 will ever take your place When…

Top 10 Flame of Love – A Beautiful Love Poem

Cos I was struck by true love… The moment I set my eyes on youI was struck by true loveIt is not selfishBut one that will lasts our lifetimeThis flame of love will burnForever in our heartsOutliving usAnd influencing the coming generationsThat is why I will not lose youBecause you are a special part of meI will hold on to you

Top 10 One sweet day with you

To show how much I love you… All I need is just one sweet dayJust a moment to give you my heart,To take you on a sweet journeyfrom the mountains of romance,to the sweet valleys of ecstasy,I will take you where you’ve never been.Forget about the world and all its troubles,and your weaknesses and faults,Because in this moment, our hearts shall be glad,filled with love and sweetness,We shall be together, wrapped in our passion.I will prove that you mean the…

Top 10 My love for you is above the world

You are a divine gift to me… I am not emotionalNor am I driven by impulseI only long to speak the truthCos my love for you is above the worldI will do everything not to lose youI will protect you with my lifeAnd nurture you foreverI don’t want you to be my angel aloneBut also to be my best friendThe one I open up to all the timeThe one that knows my secretsBecause you are a divine gift to me